Cafe Review: Serotonin Eatery

Location: Burnley

Who wouldn’t be happy sitting on a swing whilst sipping a banana smoothie? Or eating banana pancakes?

Banana Smoothie


Positive Pancakes-Made with Banana Flour

That is exactly what you can do when checking out the new Melbourne healthy ‘IT’ cafe Serotonin Eatery. This cafe has fast become my new favorite place for brunch and is well worth the travel to get there. I actually get excited about going to serotonin to eat.

Nutrition Bomb

20151205_110227 20151205_110617

Using bananas as a base for their menu, as bananas are an awesome source for serotonin and are proven to making your gut feel happy . I know eating a banana every day always makes me feel good and keeps me smiling.  That is exactly the aim of the cafe, from the menu to the set up of the place, to make its customers happy. The goal of the serotonin team is to share the happy around and so far I haven’t seen a customer with a frown. People are more then happy to wait in line to eat at the happy cafe.

The cafe is one part under an umbrella called the serotonin dealer opened by the founder Emily with a vision of changing lives and educating others in health and happiness. Along with the Eatery there is ‘exercise’ a PT service run next door and then there is ‘education’  which will be a program beginning next year (2016).

The eatery has a plant based menu, sourcing quality produce and keeping it fresh and gut friendly with gluten free, dairy free and refind sugar free options. There is all day breakfast and all day lunch available as well as a healthy dessert menu.

Matcha Latte
Cacao Banana & Straight Banana Smoothies
Quinoa Porridge with Poached Pear

I’ve tried a few options on the menu with the Positive Pancakes, made with banana flour, being a repeat offender on the table in front of me and it’s a Favourite dish. The gluten free ‘Smiling Pizza’ is another high recommendation too. I also recommend the protein latte with almond milk or the golden Latte with a tsp of honey on the side. Both not only tasty hot drinks but full of nutritional benefits. If your an avid banana fan I would say go for the banana smoothie which is all bananas. If your still hungry after your meal the eatery offers raw desserts and gluten free muffins. I’ve only tried a couple off the menu as I’m always quite full and satisfied after eating brunch at serotonin eatery

Golden Latte
Protein Latte



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