Cafe Review: Trei

Location: Glen Waverly

The new IT cafe in the eastern suburbs, Trei has already built quite a following in the short time it’s been around. So much so, that at peak times, don’t be surprised if you need to wait for a table. But believe me, the wait is well worth it. Trei is already becoming a new Favourite and fortunately for me I don’t have to travel into the city for something healthy and delectable.

The cafe is healthy minded, with something on the menu for everyone, wether you like sweet or healthy and there are some cheeky not so healthy, decadent looking muffins on the counter top.


Owned by the same owners of Sardi and Muharam, two cafes I am yet to check out but am certainly looking forward to visiting if they’re anything like Trei.

A small cafe with a cute, appealing interior, the cafe is bright and open despite the small space.


It was a tough decision on what to get and I decided to splurge on the coconut hot cakes and a snickers protein smoothie. My friend had the banoffie French toast with dulce de leche which of course I had to have a bite of it and it was amazing, just like the hot cakes. They were both beautifully plated up and from the looks of neighboring tables all the meals are. I couldn’t even finish the hot cakes they were very filling and loaded with flavour.

I always treat myself with dessert when I go out to eat but this time there was no need. The smoothie and hot cakes were very filling and decadent. The snickers smoothie was dairy free and refined sugar free but you wouldn’t know it if you tried it. It was like having a snickers bar in liquid form.

There are many delights in the menu I’m looking forward to trying and I can’t wait to go back.

I’ve managed to go back another time since first writing this review and i was just as impressed second time round. For my second visit I remembered just how filling the meals were so I ordered a lighter drink, a Matcha latte with honey and the Acai Smoothie Bowl which I was eyeing up on the first visit. And the Smoothie Bowl did not disappoint. just the right amount of sweetness with a variety of toppings and not too filling but enough to satisfy me. It was a Beautiful pinky-purple colour and just like the pancakes it was well presented. A recent addition to the dessert case at Trei are the raw chocolate treats by Citizen Cacao which I’d been meaning to try so i got myself a small chocolate orange and pistachio chocolate to finish off my meal.

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