12 Treats of Christmas 

In the lead up to Christmas 2015 I’ve found 12 different Christmas treats for my 12 Foods of Christmas series. These are all healthy treats based on traditional Christmas treats I often ate at this time of year whilst growing up. The foods I’ve picked are either ones I’ve made in the past couple of years whilst eating healthy that I want to share or recipes I’ve had book marked since last Christmas and am eager to test out this Christmas.

As none of the recipes aren’t mine, i’m simply testing them and making my own tweaks to better suit me, I’ve included the source for where I found these recipes in brackets.

Treat 1- Mini Coconut Cheesecakes (IQS)

Treat 2- White Christmas Coconut Fudge (IQS)

Treat 3- Gingerbread Men (The Healthy Chef)

Treat 4- Jaffa Protein Balls (The Fit Foodie)

Treat 5- Christmas Ice Cream Pudding (Simply Whole Foods)

Treat 6- Christmas Bites (Simply Whole Foods)

Treat 7- Cardamom and Sea salt Ganache Tart (Simplicious)

Treat 8- Gluten Free Chocolate Christmas Cake (Simplicious)

Treat 9- Paleo Egg Nog (The Healthy Foodie)

Treat 10- Gluten Free Fruit Mince Pies (Lola Berry)

Treat 11- Raw Mini Christmas Puddings (Lola Berry)

Treat 12- Raw Vegan Stollen (Food52)

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