Cafe Review: Pana Chocolate

Location: Richmond

Possible one of my Favourite places to pop into whenever I venture into the Melbourne CBD would have to the Pana Chocolate Raw Dessert Bar. It can be found on Church St in Richmond and it’s a must that I stop by either on my way in or way out of the city, regardless of my plans.

A well presented cabinet of delicious choices, it’s always hard to pick just one and they regularly have new surprises. There are raw cheesecakes/slices, fudges and fancy raw chocolates as well as all the flavours of Pana chocolate blocks and other raw cacao products.

My favorites are anything with chocolaty chunks or berries although I wouldn’t go past a chocolate and orange slice. They also stock raw laming tons which surprisingly taste ridiculously like a normal jam lamington.  Another treat are the Pana pops. Raw vegan hard chocolate outer with a chocolate mousse inner all on a stick. Sometimes they have varieties with coconut covered or berries inside.


Pana have limited addition desserts as well with my absolute fave being the raw vegan Easter egg with caramel center, it was amazing I couldn’t get enough of them. Another favourite that I just recently got to try at the beginning of this summer are the Pana Choc Tops with my choice being the choc orange choc top. perfect for those hot Melbourne summer days.

I’ve lost track of the amount of trips I’ve taken to Pana Chocolate and the amount of raw desserts I’ve consumed there and I never feel guilty after eating each one.

I hope they expand more into a cafe style bar with more raw menu options but for now I am more then content with the amazing choices of raw Pana desserts I have to munch on. These snaps are only a selection of the many amazing desserts I’ve tried over the past couple of years since i first discovered this gem.


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