Summer Night Market

Victoria Market Melbourne CBD

If you wanta whole lot of culture in one place, the Summer Night Market at the Victoria Market is the right place to be.

My family and I make sure that we make a trip to the night market at least one Wednesday every summer. There are people everywhere. It’s hot, it’s loud, there’s live music playing, performance artists dancing around. Laughter, shouting, lots of chit chat. But that is all apart of the fun for the night. The late afternoon sun streaming low through the big shed, creating glittery sunbeams through all the smoke that lingers in the air from the various food stalls.

You have to be willing to push your way through the crowds if you want any thing to eat. There are so many people milling bout the food stalls all trying to decide what to eat from the many different options. From Spanish paella to a spicy Indian curry. From fresh made sugar can juice to sweet and salty kettle corn. I always love a fresh green smoothie or fruit salad as they’re nice and refreshing in the heat. Trying to find somewhere to sit and eat with a family of five is always a mission. We usually end up crowding around a small table or just standing up as we eat.

If you don’t like drinking good old water there’s a homemade lemonade and iced tea stall or a couple of bars serving alcoholic drinks and sangria if you need refreshments. Dessert comes in the form of melting ice cream or sharing a couple of blocks of gourmet fudge between each other. Despite the crowd and the heat it’s quite enjoyable just wandering around checking out the different stalls. You find all sorts of items. Most of these are produced locally in melbourne or Australia. I have a weakness for the pretty gemstone jewellery at one stall and each time we go I will buy myself more for my collection.

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