Serotonin Eatery-The Happy Cafe

I know that I’ve already posted a cafe review on my favourite healthy cafe, Serotonin Eatery, but recently I had to write a review with a formal structure for a uni assignment, including photos, to go into a magazine and I decided to share what I produced as I’m quite proud of it 🙂

I also got the chance to go to the cafe early one morning to take photos for the article and of course i just had to eat some of their amazing banana pancakes. After reading the review I’ve even had a uni friend  check out Serotonin for herself, so looks like my review worked 😀



Café Review:

Serotonin Eatery – The Happy Café

Found just a short walk from Burnley station, Serotonin is the latest in a line of healthy eating cafes popping up around the City of Melbourne. But this café has one big difference to all the rest—everything about the café has been created with the customer’s body and brain in mind and seeks to boost happiness through food, fitness and knowledge.

Across from a park in a leafy part of Burnley, just east of the CBD, Serotonin often has a line out the door of laughing people waiting for a table. But don’t fret, it’s worth the wait and you’re never stuck standing for long.

The one goal of owner, Emily Hazell, is to make you happy. From the healthy, plant-based menu through to the interior design of the café, everything is purposely created to put a smile on your face and mind. Who wouldn’t be happy sitting on a swing seat whilst sipping a delicious Chocolate Banana Smoothie?

Having a background in interior and graphic design, Hazell has considered every part of the café, from the shoe free Japanese seating to the swing seats situated both inside and outside, everything is designed for comfort and happiness. The rooms are airy and light with hexagonal shapes throughout, in reference to the chemical symbol for Serotonin.

The staff are friendly and accommodating. They’re efficient at their jobs, making sure service flows smoothly. The menu is accommodating too. It takes a plant based, whole-foods approach and has allergy friendly options, for those who are gluten, dairy, refined sugar and nut free. All meals and drinks contain foods that are high in tryptophan, which is what triggers off the serotonin in the body. Bananas are a base for many of the items, especially the smoothies because they’re high in tryptophan and you can’t go wrong with eating a banana. The Banana Flour Pancakes are a permanent feature on the menu (and a personal favourite of mine); you’ll find you can never get bored of eating them. There are also a variety of banana-based smoothies and bluices (which are a blended juice created by Serotonin) but I can’t go past a hot mug of protein latte with almond milk.

Just like the interior, the plating of the food is simple and enticing, it looks almost too good to eat- don’t be surprised if you see someone at the table next to you standing up to get the perfect ‘insta-worthy’ shot of their meal.

If you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to sit and contemplate life, Serotonin is still worth a visit. They have a take-away window where you can to order anything from the menu along with a variety of raw desserts. I’m slowly working my way through these nut-based treats with the raw carrot cake being my go to on the rare occasions I still have room for something sweet.

The cafe is one component out of three in Hazell’s formula for health and happiness. Eat + exercise + education = Happy. She wants to spread the message that eating the right kinds of food can boost your mood and we’re not talking about a Cadburys chocolate bar.

Everyone wants to be happy, and it’s easy to achieve this with a visit to Serotonin Eatery.

Now go eat a banana 😀



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