I’m Back šŸ˜ƒ

Hello everyone I’m back and eager to get posting again. I’ve had a rather full on year so far. I spent the first half working six days a week, across two jobs, and going to classes at night at my college to complete my Bachelor of Photography. I’m pleased to say all the a hard work paid off as I passed all my units and now have my degree šŸ™‚

A week after completing my degree and presenting my folio I was on a plane headed for the other side of the world to begin an adventure of a life time.

I spent 7 weeks traveling through Europe with the greatest group of people I could have asked to travel with and I’ve made some amazing friends. I ate lots of yummy food and had experiences I never would have thought of experiencing. Being a photographer I have loads of photographs that I will be sharing in coming posts with writings of my adventures in the various countries I visited. 17 countries in 45 days. What a trip!

I then continued my adventure for a couple of weeks exploring London and the south of England.

I’m back home now with plenty of time on my hands to get back into posting regularly on here šŸ™‚

Part B of the second mixed media series I’ve produced for my Insomnia Project for my Bachelor of Photography.


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