Nana Nicecream

Love ice cream but your tummy can’t handle all the dairy? Or do you just want to avoid all processed ingredients that commercial ice creams usually contains? Welcome to Nice Cream! The one ingredient vegan, fruit-filled ice cream that is easy to make and easy on the stomach.

Nana-Nicecream, made with frozen bananas, is the most common nice cream because bananas create a creamy, soft serve texture. Also because the bananas aren’t over powering in flavour they make the perect base for creating other flavours.

As I mentioned, Its easy to make this yummy, frozen treat. Cut up a ripe banana and freeze. That’s an important step, because once the banana is frozen, it isn’t easy to chop up for the blender. Believe me, I’ve learnt the hard way. Once frozen, remove the banan pieces from the freezer and place into a food processor or high powered blender and whizz on high until a soft serve mixture forms.

For different flavours, anything you feel like can be added. For example you can try, coconut cream, cacao powder, vanilla powder, peanut butter, peppermint essence or any combination. Frozen berries or frozen mango creates a nice, refreshing fruit sorbet nice cream. For this blog post I’ve created my 3 favourites, plain nana ice cream, chocolaty cacao nice cream and PB nice cream. The best combo in my option is all three combined. I can’t think of anything better then banan with chocolate and peanut butter.

Top with crushed nuts for a bit of crunch and there you have it, a healthy, dairy free frozen dessert treat.


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