German Christmas Adventure Part 1: Dusseldorf

Day 1-

Flew into Dusseldorf, Germany, Last night. The plane leaving from London was delayed by an hour. very annoying when I’d already been waiting at Heathrow for a few hours and was eager to get moving.

I finally arrived at Dusseldorf HBF (Central train station). I was dark, cold and I was a little disorientated. None was helped that I was still rather hungover. 10/10 would not recommend traveling after a big night. Made it to the Backpackers Hostel and crashed soon after.

My first full day in Dusseldorf was a cold one. I’m still getting used to winter on this side of the world. It was foggy all day, which made for some nice photos along the Rhine river and Konigsalle Canal.

I spent a couple of hours in the NRW Forum-Photography Gallery, looking at photography and multimedia exhibits, to warm me up and gain an insight into what contemporary artists are doing in Europe.

I wandered through Hopfgarten and along the Rhine River embankment before going from one square to the next, enjoying the various Christmas markets in Altstadt.

I warmed up up with Pomme Frites (hot chips) & Gluhwein (mulled wine) before heading back to the Hostel for a nap and to add on more layers.

I wandered down to Mediahafen and the base of the Rhineturm (which I’ll hopefully go up tomorrow for city views, It was covered in fog today) and back along the Rhine River to explore more of Altstadt. I stopped in Carlsplatz but the market there was closed (I forgot how much is closed on Sundays in Europe) luckily a frozen yoghurt place was open. Yes it was only 2 degrees but I couldn’t help myself! I stopped into a nearby church to listen to a boys choir. It was decorated so beautifully for Christmas. I then headed back to the canal along Konigsalle to take some lovely night time photos of lights over the water and to watch people ice skating at a nearby Christmas market.

Day 2-

Woke to see snow on all the cars outside the dorm window. This never ceases to excite me! I ducked into Aldi to pick up some fruit and veg for meals and snacks. May have also bought Milka chocolate blocks and Dominostein. I had to stop myself buying all the German Christmas goodies!

Walked back to the base of the Rhineturm, and looked up. It seemed to be clear of fog today so I decided it would be a good time to go up the 168mts to the viewing platform. aaaaaand there was the fog! The photos still looked created, even if I couldn’t see much of the city. I couldn’t help myself but have a play in the bit of snow that had settled on the grass nearby. Seeing snow in the city will always excite this Aussie girl. Went back to wandering along the Rhine River towards Altstadt. Yesterday I discovered a Lindt store near Carlsplatz, today I went in and had to find the will power not to spend all my money! There are sooo many more flavours and options at Lindt in Europe. I always get so excited wanting to try everything! Europe is heaven (& hell) for chocoholics such as myself. I went back to the market in Carlsplatz and had a wander, looking at the fresh produce, seeing which German names I could remember. I bought some home made stollen with marzipan (the best kind) from one stand, for later.

As the shops were all open today, I wandered along the streets of Altstadt having a look, going in and out of shops. I picked up a tub of hot veggie soup and headed back to the Hostel to eat lunch. I really need to up my veggie intake to balance out all the chocolate and delicious German Christmas treats.

After lunch, I felt the need to go for another wander, with no specifics in mind. Sometimes this is the best thing to do when in a new place, just go for a wander and see what you come across. I came across a nice park with a river and eventually came to a long bridge spanning the Rhine river, which I crossed over to take photos and then walked back over to the centre of town to explore even more Christmas markets. They are absolutely every where!

Tomorrow I take my first train trip of the adventure, to Berlin.

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