Part 3: Nuremberg

Day 1-

Caught the train from Berlin to Nuremberg. 3 1/2 hours with no wifi and limited data, on a packed train. Atlas the views out the window were amazing. Even passed by snow, which of course got me all excited!

Arrived in to Nuremberg around 2pm and as soon as I walked past the old town walls, in the centre of town, to get to the Hostel, I knew I would love Nuremberg! I was eager to go wander of the afternoon, especially after sitting for so long. The hostel is centrally located, right on the old town wall.

It was drizzling while I went wandering, but that didn’t matter, the town is such a pretty place! When you think of Germany you think of places like Nuremberg.

There was a produce market and all the Christmas Market along the Main Street leading down to the town square. I walked in that direction, across the river to the Big Christmas Market (one of the biggest, oldest and most famous Christmas markets of Germany! over a million people visit it every year, I highly recommend going one Christmas!)- the Nurnberger Christkindlsmarkt-I treated myself to more Gluhwein-it was strong!!- and bratwurst im brot mit kraut, lecker! Stumbled upon Lebkuchen Smidt, the shop mum orders German Christmas treats from every year to be sent to Australia for us to enjoy. I bought myself some lebkuchen jam hearts, one of my favourites. Listened to a group of school children singing and watched as the sky grew dark and the market lit up. Schon!

As I walked back to the hostel, I came across a store called ‘Your Museli’ that sells granola and muesli in all variety of flavours. I picked up a few tubs for my breakfasts the next few days whilst staying here. I can’t wait to explore more and celebrate Christmas here in Nurnerg!

Day 2-

Quickly ducked in to ALDI to stock up on food for the next few days as shops (and everything) closes early here tomorrow (Christmas Eve) and are also closed on Christmas Day.

I decided to go on a free walking tour of Nuremberg. Had a good chat with the German tour guide whilst waiting for the rest of the group. I’m glad I went on this walking tour, it covered a lot of what I wanted to see in Nuremberg and there was so much interesting information. We learnt of the beginnings of Nuremberg, of the churches, of myths and legends. We took in views of the town from Kaiserburg, which sits on top of a steep hill overlooking the town. We wandered among beautiful old buildings and ate bratwurst. I decided to another walking tour with the same guide (a Nurnberg local), this time of the German Christmas Markets, hearing about German Christmas traditions, especially those of Nuremberg, and all about the Christmas markets. I stopped by a market stand for a pretzel with butter (lecker!), before the second tour started. It was fun hearing about the Christmas traditions, because so many of them were the same or similar to what I’ve grown up with.

The tour ended at the base of Frauenkirche (church of our lady) so I took the opportunity to get up high above the christkindlesmarkt from the church balcony to get photographs. Back down amongst the Christmas market, I finally tried eierpunsch (egg punch), similar to eggnog but loads of alcohol. Feeling a bit tipsy and merry, I wandered back up the hill to the look out at Kaiserburg to take in the views of Nurnberg at night.

Day 3- Christmas Eve!

I got up early and went for a wander along the quiet streets. It’s Sunday and it’s Christmas Eve, so a lot of the streets around town are still quiet and empty up until around 10am. I found a street with beautiful old buildings along it and no people around to ruin the photos.

I love the way Germans here do Christmas Eve. Most of the shops are closed, no one is rushing around to get groceries and presents. Everyone is at the Christmas Market, meeting up with friends and family, sipping on Gluhwein (even at 11am) and eating bratwurst, before heading to the canal side bars for more drinks. It’s so much more relaxed and sociable! I treated myself to Schoko-banane (banana coated in chocolate-my favourite), Elisean-Lebkuchen (also a favourite) and one last Nurnberger bratwurst. I climbed the hill, again, to Kaiserburg for one last look over Nurnberg and to just sit in the moment up there and enjoy this time I have. Sometimes it’s great to press pause for a moment whilst traveling, take a deep breath from all the go-go-go. It really is a beautiful town.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to just go for a wander along the streets with no destination in mind. I came across more beautiful old buildings and squares this way.

I went to St Lorenz (a lutheran/protestant church) for Christmas Eve mass. I thought it was. good idea to get there early, about 45mins before the service, to get a good seat. It was not early enough! The church was packed already when I got there so I had to stand, like so many others. The service was Schon!! It may have been all in German but it was so similar to Christmas Eve services at home, the music and carols being the same but simply in another language. It got me a little teary thinking about Christmas Eve at home.

Frohliche Weihnachten!

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