Catch Ups in Girona

One thing that has helped me get through to this point in my time overseas has been knowing I’ll get to spend a few days with my best friend while she was in Girona, Spain. It’s helped me break down the 2 years into smaller segments. Getting to see her at the start of July, just over 10 months since we said good bye to each other back in Melbourne, was as if time had barely passed at all. As we always do, we picked right back up chatting away, filling each other in on everything that had been going on in each other’s lives on either sides of the world. I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, the most important and best part of these few days in Girona were being by my best friend’s side again. 10 months apart is too long!

I arrived into Girona and was met by my best mate and her boyfriend at the station in the New Town. Being all hot and sweaty from my early start in Istanbul, Turkey, and traveling all the way to Barcelona then on to Girona, I showered and freshened up at the hostel before making my way to their apartment to relax and catch up. It was lovely having a home cooked meal after almost 2 weeks of hotel buffets. My best friend took me to her favourite gelato place in the main square, across the river from their apartment, where we sat, enjoying the mild night and eating delicious ice cream.

My best friend showed me around Girona’s beautiful old town, taking me along the old town wall with all the best views of the city. Girona is much like Toulouse. A City with a small European town feel….the sort of place I love staying in with all the old buildings, surrounded by mountains and with a river running through it. So much colour and a great summer vibe to the place. It was hot early so we retreated into the shops in New town where I picked up a couple of pieces. A delicious and healthy lunch at a cycling cafe- La Fabrica. Girona is well known as being a base for pro cyclists and I saw many of them while we wandered around. Another delicious home cooked dinner, relaxing and chatting. Two best friends who haven’t seen each other in almost a year are impossible to shut up! My best friend’s boyfriend took us for an evening stroll after dinner and pointed out various Game of Thrones film locations as Girona was used in season 6 of the TV series. We stopped and listened to live jazz music as the sun set and enjoyed another milk evening.

We wandered in and out of the boutique stores of the Old Town, enjoyed a gluten free bagel, kept cool in the apartment as it heated up outside before stepping out the front door and straight next door into Federal cafe for another healthy and delicious lunch. I’d missed the healthy lunch and brunch dates with my best friend! Some more relaxing at the apartment before heading across the town to the local outdoor swimming pool for a cool off swim and some sunbathing. My turn to cook dinner, something I don’t do often enough anymore and another thing I miss…cooking. We enjoyed another ice cream outside in the main square, watching little kids running around and having fun. I love mild summer nights sitting outside, next to my best friend, watching the world go by. Everything feels so right.

Enjoyed a sleep in before my best friend and I caught the train into Barcelona. Our last few hours together before we part ways once more and I go back to London. Two years ago when I was in Barcelona I had planned to eat at a healthy Cafe called Flax & Kale but at the time never got the chance to. Finally I did! Worth the wait, the food was delicious, healthy and allergy friendly, exactly what my best friend and I needed! We stopped by one of Gaudi’s creations before sitting in the shade, side by side on more time. A long, tight hug, trying to hold back tears! It’s not forever and won’t even be as long a period apart this time, thankfully. On the train to the airport, back to London I go.

I will be forever grateful for the support my best friend has given me from the other side of the world while I’ve been on this crazy journey. B ❤ S always!


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