A Holiday Home

It’s almost a little strange to be going home for one of my trips this year. Staying in my childhood home for a week, hanging out with friends and family and getting excited over going places I’ve been to so many times over the years, as if it was a new, fresh place for me. In the weeks leading up to my trip home I could barely contain my excitement at the thought of seeing familiar faces and places again! Having to sleep in a camp bed in my sister’s room definitely made it feel like I was just a visitor at a house and not going home. In less then 24 hours it felt like home again though.

With a wagging tail and lots of kisses, my favourite little guy was very happy to see me again (and still remembered me after my being away for over a year) just as my family was, though they didn’t have wagging tails to show it. Of course I was just as ecstatic to see everyone, even though I’d just come off 24 hours of flying and over 30 hours without sleep.

A quick visit to surprise Oma and deliver her 90th Birthday card. Lunch catch ups with a close friend where we shared a years worth of stories. Lunch was healthy and delicious and it was good to be eating at an old favourite. All dressed up for a night partying and celebrating my little sister’s 21st, the reason I travelled so far for such a quick trip. It was also the perfect chance to see the relatives after so long. Lots of yummy birthday cake was eaten, My sister and her partner, my best friend and I, we managed to convince my dad to take us on a midnight machos run.

Up earlier then we’d have liked after a late night, to catch up with more friends for brunch. Well worth the wake up call to hear about how their lives in the countryside are going. Even more cake as family came round for birthday afternoon tea. A delicious and healthy dinner (my life clearly revolves around food!) at my bestfriend’s place. My other family and my other home. It was good to see her family and have a good catch up. I’ve missed weekly dinners there and Netflix and gossip nights with my best friend.

An amusing family day out at Kryal Castle near Ballarat (who knew Australia had a castle?). Unfortunately jet lag had hit and the day was a struggle. I slept in the car on the drive both there and back. The castle was unlike anything I’ve seen on my travels around Europe and the UK, being that it was built in the 70’s as an amusement park.

Another quick surprise visit, this time to catch up with the ladies in the office I used to work in. Another yummy lunch with a friend from that job, at another of my old favourite cafes. I sure have missed Melbourne brunch and coffee! My second last night in Melbourne involved a girls night in the city, dinner and a show. Mamma Mia! It was strange catching the train after spending a year on the London Underground. The tube is just so convenient for getting around.

One last day in Melbourne. Spent it with my sisters, both by blood and life long friendship. With my best friend and sisters, we went to a tattoo parlour where myself and my little sister both got tattoos. Lunch at Hunky Dory, another favourite place to eat that I’ve missed in the past year. Shopping the sales at Eastland then back home to try pack all the clothes and shoes I’ve pulled out of storage, that I’d regretted not initially bringing to London with me whilst still fitting in all the packets of Tim tams (priorities).

Family dinner at Grill’d (yet again another favourite that I’ve missed eating at, this time burgers). It’s becoming a tradition to eat at Grill’d the night before I leave. Leftover birthday cake and Netflix with the best friend before we had to say good bye again for several more months.

My time in Melbourne went far too quickly for my liking but this time it was easier saying goodbye knowing that I’ll be backer sooner.

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