18 Months in London

February 26th 2019 marked 18 months living in London. Only 6 more months left until the UK Government kicks me out. 6 months left to cram in as much fun and experiences as possible. I wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for the amazing and motivating people I’ve met along the way, nor for the drive to travel, explore, see and experience (and eat and drink) as much as possible that I posses. I’m half way through my second year of life in the UK and I’m torn between feeling ready to move home and wishing I could continue living on this side of the world past the 24 months of my visa.

My 18 month mark was spent exploring the quaint English town of Rye, down in East Sussex towards the coast, with my boyfriend (one of those amazing people I’ve met in London that I mentioned in the paragraph above). It was a mild (surprisingly so for February in England), blue sky day.

In my previous London life update post (at the 1 year mark) I mentioned how crazy that so much can happen in the space of 12 months but I’ve discovered so much can happen in only 6 months, which is kind of scary when you reflect back on it. I’ve been through and done so much in the past 6 months and I now only have 6 months left and I know just as much can happen in that short space of time.

During the past 6 months I continued exploring around London, frequenting many a pub and parks. I cycled out of London, down south, to climb the famous Box Hill. I survived another winter here, fortunately not as cold as last winter, as we didn’t get caught up in any blizzards this time but that also meant no snow in London. I indulged in various Christmas events around the city with friends, partied late in to the early hours of the morning with work mates, all sympathising with each others hangovers at work the next day. Had the chance to photograph a couple of friends at the end of the last summer wake-boarding season and even learnt to rock climb. Turns out with a bit of persuasion and pushing from a persistent friend I was able to get past my fear of heights and make it to the top of the wall, a number of times.

I even expanded my exploring to outside of London with a day trip to Bristol, only a bus trip a way, well it was about 2.5 hours but the bus is such a cheap way to travel around and when you’re a broke traveler earning minimum wage you’ll make these sacrifices. And it was worth it. Bristol is such an interesting place and I definitely could have done with an extra day or two there to experience a lot more that Bristol has to offer. Also by bus, I took the almost 4 hour journey from London to Cardiff, in Wales. Yes, that’s right, I caught a bus to another country. The perks of living in London, it’s just so easy to get around both within in the city and to places beyond. I went to Cardiff for a weekend to meet up with a friend to celebrate her 30th birthday. Just enough time to spend the night partying and the next day checking out Cardiff Castle. A great mini girls break.

Now is the time to make these last 6 months count on this once in a lifetime opportunity that I’ve been given. I’m working the long hours to earn the dollars (pounds) so I can continue exploring and experiencing as much as I can before I board that final flight home.

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