Stephanie’s Test Kitchen


Hi and welcome to my blog, My Test Kitchen. I’m Stephanie and this is my adventure into healthy eating and cooking. Over the past few years of trying to eat and live well I have saved lots of different recipes, cooking techniques and bits of advice. I’ve decide it’s time to finally test them out and to share with you how my explorations went to give you an idea of what to expect if you yourself are curious about healthy eating and the kitchen. I have learnt that the kitchen is not a scary place and that eating healthy can taste amazing! I’ll be reviewing cafes, recipes and adding my own bits of advice to make your life easier.

Just a little bit about me. I’m a kiwi born, Aussie grown photographer whose a little bit introverted and a little bit extroverted. I love getting my creative on and I love food. Healthy food especially. I love making food, photographing food and most of all eating said food. I go to the gym simply so I can keep eating food (I also love a good workout, but that’s another story).

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