Summertime Icy Poles

Summer time is about hot sunny days hanging by the pool with mates. It’s about searching through the freezer for that perfect icy treat that’ll help cool you down and satisfy the sweet tooth, on those hot afternoons. I remember my mum would make us homemade icy poles from fruit and juice and we’d also… Continue reading Summertime Icy Poles

12 Treats of Christmas: Week 6

Treat 11- Mini Christmas Puddings Treat 12- Raw Stollen To finish off my 12 Treats of Chirstmas series in the lead up to Christmas, I have made raw mini Christmas puddings and a raw stollen loaf. These are two treats that are perfect for an Australian Christmas as it can be quite hot this time… Continue reading 12 Treats of Christmas: Week 6

12 Treats of Christmas: Week 5

Treat 9- Paleo Friendly Eggnog Treat 10- Gluten Free Fruit Mince Pies Eggnog isn’t something that is common here n Australia at Christmas time, but having a German family means I’ve drunk my fair share of the stuff. With and without the added alcohol content. A few years ago I went dairy free as I… Continue reading 12 Treats of Christmas: Week 5

12 Weeks of Christmas: Week 4

Treat 7- Fruit Free Christmas Cake Treat 8- Cardamom Sea Salt Ganache Tart For the 7th treat if Christmas I’m testing a recipe that is a different take on the traditional fruit filled Christmas cake. The cake is fructose friendly, as well as gluten free. It’s had all the dried fruit taken out but the… Continue reading 12 Weeks of Christmas: Week 4