Summertime Icy Poles

Summer time is about hot sunny days hanging by the pool with mates. It’s about searching through the freezer for that perfect icy treat that’ll help cool you down and satisfy the sweet tooth, on those hot afternoons. I remember my mum would make us homemade icy poles from fruit and juice and we’d also… Continue reading Summertime Icy Poles

12 Treats of Christmas : Week 1

Treat 1- Coconut Mini Cheesecakes Treat 2- White Christmas Coconut Fudge I’m starting with a white Christmas, which is something us Aussies don’t get to experience unless we travel overseas. The first two treats of my 12 treats of Christmas series are coconut based which creates the perfect starting point for a white Christmas. Using… Continue reading 12 Treats of Christmas : Week 1

12 Treats of Christmas 

In the lead up to Christmas 2015 I’ve found 12 different Christmas treats for my 12 Foods of Christmas series. These are all healthy treats based on traditional Christmas treats I often ate at this time of year whilst growing up. The foods I’ve picked are either ones I’ve made in the past couple of… Continue reading 12 Treats of Christmas¬†