An Australia Day Tradition

The Lamington Lamingtons have always been one of my favourite Aussie day treats. I have memories of sitting on the beach on Jan 26th (Australia Day) with 2, even 3, of those spongy goodies in hand. The jam filled kind are of course the best. I haven’t eaten any in a few years, since going… Continue reading An Australia Day Tradition

12 Treats of Christmas: Week 3

Treat 5-Christmas Pudding Ice Cream Treat 6-Christmas Bites For Treats 5 & 6 it’s all about the traditional taste of Christmas with the Nuts, dried fruit and spices. These Christmas desserts are dairy free and the only sugar comes from the dried fruits, which are plenty sweet so no sweetner was required. Even the most… Continue reading 12 Treats of Christmas: Week 3